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Christmas 2019!

Christmas. It’s a brief period in time when it feels to me that everything stands still. Now don’t get me wrong – there is a lot of preparing, buying, budgeting, and organization into each and every Christmas, but when the … Continue reading

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Well Hellooooo!!!

Now I’m sure you’re wondering just what in the world have I been doing this past month?  I mean I haven’t been making any soap and obviously not updating this Blog! Well to be honest, I just wanted to take … Continue reading

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Gma’s Christmas

It was finally here! The day that our Mom works all year to get ready for. Christmas & St. Nicholas day!! I was telling someone the other day just how much our Mom puts into this day and I seriously … Continue reading

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And our journey begins

I debated if I should take this Wednesday off or not. I mean I am very conscience of my vacation days and today would just be working to get the Roadhouse ready.  But after saying I was.. was not.. was.. … Continue reading

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Fun Day 2016!

I’m so far behind on my postings I decided to start at the present and work my way backwards.  Because this posting is titled Fun Day 2016, it’s what was going on this weekend at our farm.  See every year … Continue reading

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We’re ready

We are ready for company! The Roadhouse is cleaned and set up for a party and the house has been dusted and scrubbed. Now when we’re getting ready for company it always reminds me that we seriously need to dust … Continue reading

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Saturday work

We had an awesome day today getting things done around the farm. Daryl worked pretty much all day on getting the cow yard cleaned up and all the manure hauled for the spring. He’s been hauling the manure to the other … Continue reading

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Fun Day at the Farm 2014

I got up early to do a couple of things that still needed to be done and plug in the roaster and crock pots that needed to be heated up. We weren’t sure on how the weather was going to hold … Continue reading

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Almost ready

I’m really close to being ready for Saturday’s baby shower  and it’s a good feeling. I still have a couple of things to do, but they aren’t going to be too bad so that’s good. What have I done so … Continue reading

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What a great weekend we had!

Even though our weekend was pretty busy, we sure had fun! The best part about it was that my Mom got out of the hospital on Saturday! Yea!! It was almost 3 weeks and it was time for her to … Continue reading

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