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It’s laundry day

Has it been raining a lot at your house? Seriously it’s been raining and raining at ours! Now it’s not my first rodeo and I know that the rain is going to stop probably just when we need it for … Continue reading

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What’s the news?

Well it sure seems like the last couple of weeks just flew by! And it for sure wasn’t because the weather has been cooperating! It’s been flooding a lot and maybe I’m just getting old or something, but I seriously … Continue reading

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What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! OK, maybe a little too much drama going on here, but as everyone knows I do not like wind – especially when it’s been blowing for the past few days at 40 to … Continue reading

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It’s getting to be that season again

Well winter should be about done. Thank goodness! But with winter on the out and spring coming in that means one thing on our farm.  It means rock picking time!  Daryl told me the other day that he was going … Continue reading

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Are you kidding me?

It’s April 2nd not April Fools Day! Snow. 

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Gravel roads

As I’m writing out a Thank you note to our road grader man today I can’t help feel how vulnerable we are and at the mercy of our country roads for not only in the Winter but also in the … Continue reading

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Baby it’s cold outside!

This past week in Iowa was almost unbearable! OK I know that this Arctic Blast has moved across all the states – but Holy Smokes was Iowa cold!  Seriously on the way to work the other day I went from … Continue reading

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Apples… Apples.. Apples !!!

Well in case you were wondering, we have apples this year!  I knew that we were going to have quite a few by how many blossoms were on the trees early on this spring, but normally the blossoms blow off … Continue reading

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Meet Marty

This morning we had a great surprise! It was our first calf of the season with Luther. Now to be honest I wasn’t just so sure how Luther the bull was going to work out. I mean he was about … Continue reading

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Happy July 4th!

Well if you’ve read this post in the past few years you know that on the 4th of July,  I love to follow the tradition that my Mom & Dad did and take a picture of the Daryl in the … Continue reading

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