Week 2 of Quarantine

It’s week 2 of  my Quarantine for the COVID-19 virus.  Everyone in our family is doing well and not showing any signs that they are sick so that’s good. With our one son and his fiancé living in New York which is a hot spot, and our other son and his wife living in an area in Iowa that’s had a lot of known cases, we are counting our blessings that our family has been healthy. 

So with our long awaited winter vacation cut short two weeks ago in Cancun, we came home early because of all the chaos happening in the US. I have to admit that I was disappointed that we had to leave early, but at the time it was the right decision. Schools were closing and we were worried about the border closing and not being able to get back home and into the states. Isn’t that a weird thing to hear? It is for me to write that’s for sure! I mean there is no way no one would ever believe that we would be in this situation even 2 months ago would we? 

But we are now home and seeing just how our small communities are handling the situation and I couldn’t be more proud! Everyone is pretty much staying calm and trying to help each other out. Because we are living in a small farming community a lot of our local businesses are owned by someone we know and are more than likely our friends. I saw a post of a local business tonight that their business has increased from last week to this week by 453%  Now how cool is that? This particular business just had an expansion to their business and with no opportunity to have people come and enjoy it, they really needed the community help on a financial side – and they got it! There is something to be said for small towns! When everyone knows pretty much everyone, there is definitely community support! 

OK, so what have I been doing these last two weeks? Well I’ve been working from home and have requested that I work again from home next week. I am usually on my computer pretty much most of the day so if I do it from the office or my make shift office from home, it’s really no difference. I’m happy that my boss also sees it that way! I’m not usually one who likes a lot of noise when I’m working, so my little craft room/home office has been working out great and I’ve been getting quite a bit done too. I think it’s a Win Win! 

I’m kind of surprised that I haven’t been making a lot of soap in this downtime though. I’m a little bit cautious because all the spring shows have been cancelled so I didn’t want too much soap just in case I can’t sell it. See all the shops that I sell at are closed so you can understand my concern about over producing. I’m kinda thinking about setting up a shop on line, but just not sure yet. More to come about this in the weeks to come. Just indecisive. 

But I’ve got pretty much all our laundry caught up and the dogs are completely confused when they are getting treats not only on Saturday and Sunday, but also during the week! I’ve been sanitizing the house quite often because I want to make sure that stay healthy for my Mom and being able to continue to visit her. I’ve sent a couple of care packages to the kids which I feel good about that I’ve been able to help them out. And well to be honest I haven’t felt too productive otherwise lately in the evenings so I started my daily ‘To Do List’ today to help out to get more stuff done. It really helps me stay focused and I think I need the help! 

Other things that’s happening around the farm is that we’re working on the upcoming wedding this Fall for the kids!  I CAN NOT WAIT!! And with the Bridal shower happening on the farm mid summer , I can’t say Thank you enough for all the work that our daughter in law is doing! You know when there’s going to be a get together and it’s going to be fun? Well that’s going to be this shower! 

Well that’s about all for now. As we’re all trying to figure out the new normal, the weather is expected to turn nice next week, and we’ll all be one more week closer to having this whole quarantine situation over!  Then on to summer weather and activities and of course the wedding! 


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  1. Ruth says:

    Let’s hope this self-isolation thing is all over by mid-summer! My husband watches the news every day at work…and tells me it’s going to be a long haul before we’re back to normal. We’ll just have to wait and see. Good Luck with the wedding preparations! That’s exciting!

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