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Trees are getting ready for the Summer

Like many Springs in Iowa you just never know what the weather is going to be like. Take this week for an example. We went from having our furnace kick in to today’s weather of 82 degrees. Now with it … Continue reading

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Corn cribs

It’s no secret in our family that I like corn cribs. And some might even say that I love them! But like everything on the farm, if you don’t use it for farming or anything else, there is a really … Continue reading

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2 peas in a pod – Rosey and Valentino

I seriously have no idea what week of the COVID pandemic we are on and quite honestly I am kind of tired of even talking about it. So I decided to share a little bit about our new addition to … Continue reading

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Week 2 of Quarantine

It’s week 2 of  my Quarantine for the COVID-19 virus.  Everyone in our family is doing well and not showing any signs that they are sick so that’s good. With our one son and his fiancé living in New York … Continue reading

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Week 1 _ Coronavirus

Well as you all know we are all trying to stop the coronavirus that has plagued the world these past two weeks by having to leave your house and  travel only when absolutely   necessary. OK, so what did I … Continue reading

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Christmas 2019!

Christmas. It’s a brief period in time when it feels to me that everything stands still. Now don’t get me wrong – there is a lot of preparing, buying, budgeting, and organization into each and every Christmas, but when the … Continue reading

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Like herding cats!

I gave up to the thought that we might still have some nice weather coming our way this fall and started to look outside what was needed to be done. I mean with this being our 3rd or 4th snowfall … Continue reading

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I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m so excited – especially with the snow and freezing cold temperatures that we’ve been having. Well the reason that I’m so excited around 11:30 pm on this Sunday night is that we are finally … Continue reading

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Noisy Fall

It’s that time of the year again when the fields are starting to look a little more bare. And when that happens you know that you’ll find Daryl heading over to the bin to turn on the fan! Now I’ve … Continue reading

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Field work in full swing!

Like all the farmers this year, we’ve been challenged to work on getting our crops out. So when we’re having this great weather and (keep your fingers crossed) all through the weekend, well it makes everyone in a much better … Continue reading

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