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It’s laundry day

Has it been raining a lot at your house? Seriously it’s been raining and raining at ours! Now it’s not my first rodeo and I know that the rain is going to stop probably just when we need it for … Continue reading

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Golden Anniversary Celebration

We had a chance to host Daryl’s sister and brother-in-law’s 50th Anniversary on the farm back in May and what a fun night that was! It’s kind of funny that I just posted about Kyle and Kelcie getting engaged and … Continue reading

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Exciting news!

We have such exciting news for our family! If you saw my earlier post about the kids all being home this weekend,  well that was the setting for a very special weekend indeed! With everyone going one way or another … Continue reading

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There is a celebration in town!

For the past couple of years our town has celebrated a town celebration called Irish Fest. See our town started out with a lot of Irish families so when it was time to figure out what kind of a festival … Continue reading

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Happy June!  The month of June in the past has always been a busy month for us and this year once again it proves to also be very busy!  So to start out the month the first weekend we have … Continue reading

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Chickens & the egg experiment

Have you ever had one of those times when you are in the middle of something and you realize that maybe you just might have preordered too many of something?  Well that was where I was at yesterday. I went … Continue reading

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What’s the news?

Well it sure seems like the last couple of weeks just flew by! And it for sure wasn’t because the weather has been cooperating! It’s been flooding a lot and maybe I’m just getting old or something, but I seriously … Continue reading

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Good Friday – Roamin’ Catholics

How can it be Good Friday already! It seriously seems like the weeks just fly by sometime! With being a Roamin’ Catholic that means that this year again we were successful in our endeavor to find as many new fish … Continue reading

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It’s a dog’s life

Are you wondering what our dogs have been up to?  Well if you are … I’m here to tell you not much !  With the weather hopefully turning warmer soon, the amount of time that the dogs will be coming … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Daryl!

Another Birthday in the books and what a fun time we had getting everyone together for Daryl’s birthday! Now when I say that we get everyone together our way might be a little different than what others think that might … Continue reading

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