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Just to let you know a little bit about myself. I was working for a company for almost 30 years when we closed the doors of the business and moved it to another country. So now I am spending the summer on our Iowa farm with many projects on my list to get done. We have a couple of Collie puppies, around 60 chickens, cows, pheasants, and some peacocks running around. I plan on spending the summer working on my projects and helping on the farm when I can. Even though I grew up on a farm and married a farmer you would think I would be an expert at this. But that’s not always the case. I am learning TONS of new things – some I’m good at and some I’m not so good at yet. We have two sons, one is in Korea teaching and the other is a Junior in high school. My husband and I have been married for 28 years.

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  1. Laurie Christen says:

    What wonderful stories!

  2. Susanne says:

    Congratulations to Will on his graduation. I have 2 girls at uni (and still living at home) Here in Australia thay don’t usually move interstate to uni like you do there. Please keep blogging. I really enjoy reading about your days. Cheers from Australia. Susanne

  3. Mary burgess says:

    I just really like reading your blog. I grew up on a farm and the farm pictures
    remind me of my life on the farm. Thank you for telling your stories as it keeps me young at 76.

  4. Danielle Rulapaugh says:

    I went to a wedding this weekend and received a bar of soap. What wonderful soap! So I had to look you up. I noticed you have 2 follows on one of your pages. Do you sell pups and are they ALL registered?

    • farm2011 says:

      Hi Danielle,I’m glad that you like my soap! It was my first wedding and I’d be fibbing if I didn’t say that I was a little nervous about it! We do have Collies and they are both registered, but they haven’t had any litters yet and but the amount of time that they’ve been together I don’t think that they will. They are wonderful dogs though and we really like to have collies around the farm!

  5. Nicole Steege says:

    Hi. I’ve been trying to get ahold of you.. I was wondering how I can purchase some soap. I had gotten some soap a couple months back at Mr. Haney’s junk sale. It was the best soap I’ve ever used and I’m out. Can you please get ahold of me so I can purchase some more.. thank you.

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