What a great weekend we had!

Even though our weekend was pretty busy, we sure had fun!

The best part about it was that my Mom got out of the hospital on Saturday! Yea!! It was almost 3 weeks and it was time for her to break out of that place. She’s doing really good but is still a little weak from the hospital stay. So she’s going to stay at a nearby nursing home to get some rehabilitation and to get stronger. It’s really close to all us kids and it’ll be a good thing for her.  And with her staying there, she won’t have to go in and out of the cold from her house to get to therapy. We’re all really excited that she’s doing so good and also that she’s getting better each day.

Also this weekend William had a bunch of kids over that he went to Europe with on a musical tour. The weather on Saturday wasn’t the best, but he still had a bunch of kids that could make it and about 6 ended up staying over night. Some of the kids drove around 3 hours to get to our farm, and I was glad that they decided to stay. They pretty much ended up  in the Roadhouse all afternoon and into the night. I was worried that it might be too cold in there with the crazy wind that we had on Saturday. We’ve always had another heater that matched the one that we do use but we just never put together, so William and Kyle tackled the job and got it done. It was funny that I was worried about it being too cold in there because the kids said that they turned the heaters down because it was getting too hot. But I think it was the hootin’ and hollering that was maybe warming them up! Anyway, at the end of the night on Saturday, they all found spots on the floor in the parlor in the house and ended the night laughing and watching TV.

Now Kyle was also busy. He had a friend fly in from New York early on Sunday morning into Minneapolis. She was coming in on an early flight that ended up being delayed a couple of hours. They had to keep deicing the plane because of the freezing rain that they were getting on the East Coast.  So what did he do while he waited for her? Not much. It was funny because he was talking about that there isn’t much to do at the airport if someone’s flight is delayed and there really isn’t any stores that you can go into either. I think our whole family can relate to that.

As for Daryl and I? Well, first we brought a TV to Mom because her new room doesn’t have one. She’s an avid follower of Days of Our Lives and it’s kind of hard to keep up with the story if you don’t have a TV. Then we went to town to see about getting some summer clothes for our vacation. We did find a couple of things that we were looking for, but not as much as I was hoping. It’s funny because in the past it always seems like there is so much summer stuff out early…. well, until you’re the one who wants to buy it. But I’m thinking I’m going to do some quick internet shopping to see what else it out there. I’m also going to get out my clothes and even see if I need anything else. That will be a Tuesday night project.

So at the end of the night, I was tired and ready to crawl into bed.

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