Corn cribs

It’s no secret in our family that I like corn cribs. And some might even say that I love them! But like everything on the farm, if you don’t use it for farming or anything else, there is a really good chance that the building will eventually go downhill. 

And that’s exactly what happened to ours. I have no idea when it was actually built, but I’m sure it’s very old and if I had a gazillion dollars fixing up our corn crib would be the first thing that I would be on my list! I mean honestly how many corn cribs have you seen lately?

So these past years our corn crib was getting wood rot and literally tearing apart from the outside. We would find the shingles all over in the yard and with tiny nails still half stuck in them it was just a matter of time until they were going to get stuck in our tires. 

Well this week was the week when it had to come down and it makes me very sad.


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