And our journey begins

I debated if I should take this Wednesday off or not. I mean I am very conscience of my vacation days and today would just be working to get the Roadhouse ready. 

But after saying I was.. was not.. was.. going to take the day off I finally bit the bullet and just did it. 

And was it worth it? Oh yeah

I can’t ever remember getting ready for any function in the Roadhouse during the day because it’s usually been a very late in the day (and leading up to early morning hours) when I’m working in there. But not this time! Today I spent most of the day organizing the tables and decorating the room for the Rehearsal supper that we’re hosting this Friday. It also gave me a chance to do some good cleaning of the area. It was AWESOME!

I know this probably sounds kinda weird but it gave me time to step back and really make sure that I’ve got everything ready for this upcoming weekend. I wanted to make sure that everything was just perfect – I mean how often does your son get married? In our case, this was the first wedding and we couldn’t be more excited! 

The only trouble that I had was that more storms continued to blow through the area and it made it a little difficult to plan my numerous trips back and forth to the house in between rain showers. I know that everyone will be wishing for rain come around early July, but man I sure wish that it would stop for awhile. Well at least until next Monday 🙂 This is what it looked like outside while I was working in the Roadhouse.  Good weather if you are a duck, but how many ducks do you know? 


We’re hoping for the best for Saturday’s weather, but I guess it’s something that we really can’t control. 


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