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Good-bye Winter Village!

Good-bye Winter Village and Helloooo Spring! Some call them Christmas Villages but when they’re left up past the Christmas season and they are in our house they soon become called ‘Winter Villages’. I really don’t mind that they stay up … Continue reading

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Sorry Sister Mary Amelia!

One thing leads to another…   I went to a Catholic school for my elementary education and even though I might not have remembered everything that I had heard from the nuns, I do remember that you are not supposed … Continue reading

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ARUBA 2019!

ARUBA – One Happy Island! I never take it for granted when we’re able to go on any trips, and once again I couldn’t believe that we could be so lucky to be able to head some place warm this … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday William!

It’s William’s Birthday! Whooohooo Happy Birthday!! It’s hard to believe that he’s 25 already! I know the saying that everyone says, ‘just where did that time go’? But that is exactly what I’m feeling about now. These past couple of … Continue reading

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Baby it’s cold outside!

This past week in Iowa was almost unbearable! OK I know that this Arctic Blast has moved across all the states – but Holy Smokes was Iowa cold!  Seriously on the way to work the other day I went from … Continue reading

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Working with steam

Even though it was a Saturday, when Daryl got out of bed this morning at 5:15 am I also got up. There was a lot of stuff that I wanted to do, and I’m trying to be more of a … Continue reading

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You just never know

Usually when the weatherman forecasts ‘Heavy Snow, Blizzard Conditions’, and ‘Whiteouts’.. they are usually call it right. Well until yesterday. Now we’ve been very lucky so far with the weather. I mean it’s almost February and no real snow storms … Continue reading

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New Years Resolutions

With every new year it seems like I try out a new fad – you know the latest and greatest thing that will make your life so much better. And every year I know that this new fad that I’m … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

It’s amazing that it’s 2019 already isn’t it? When I think how fast the year went I feel two ways about it. The first way is that it almost went by in a blink of the eye, but then when … Continue reading

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August 28 – Happy Birthday Kyle!

Today is Kyle’s birthday (August 28) and with everyone’s busy schedule we almost didn’t get together to send our Birthday wishes to New York!  William was traveling for work but luckily he had his laptop with him so he logged … Continue reading

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