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Mowing ditches

With the risk of rainy weather again, I was determined to get some more mowing done before the bad weather came. First thing first – make sure that the rider has gas in it and is ready to go for … Continue reading

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Hello Liza!

Luna finally had her baby! We’ve been waiting for sometime now and excited when all of a sudden we saw a calf in the pasture! This new little girl’s name is Liza (like Liza Minnelli the actress and singer)  She … Continue reading

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Counter top worthy

I’ve been putting off getting an Instant Pot for quite some time now. I mean, do I really need another gadget in the kitchen? I’ve been trying to downsize the house and simplify my life and having a new kitchen … Continue reading

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Secret to a great tomato crop!

Just like my flower purchases this year, my tomatoes were purchased off the sale rack on the end of planting season. Sometimes that’s just how you have to roll right?  Well when I purchased the tomatoes they were looking pretty … Continue reading

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Monarch Butterfly

It was so great to see the monarch’s in our back yard again. It’s been a couple of years now since they literally invaded us and when they do, it’s almost indescribable!  A few years back we had the most … Continue reading

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Getting ready…

It’s that time of the year again! It’s when you drive by almost any farm and you’ll see the combine, tractors, silage wagons, and just about anything else that might be needed in the fields these next few weeks or … Continue reading

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If you are not really a bicycle rider this post might not mean so much. Oh yeah, if you also aren’t over 50 you might not also get this post either. But since I am both – here I go! … Continue reading

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It’s laundry day

Has it been raining a lot at your house? Seriously it’s been raining and raining at ours! Now it’s not my first rodeo and I know that the rain is going to stop probably just when we need it for … Continue reading

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Golden Anniversary Celebration

We had a chance to host Daryl’s sister and brother-in-law’s 50th Anniversary on the farm back in May and what a fun night that was! It’s kind of funny that I just posted about Kyle and Kelcie getting engaged and … Continue reading

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Exciting news!

We have such exciting news for our family! If you saw my earlier post about the kids all being home this weekend,  well that was the setting for a very special weekend indeed! With everyone going one way or another … Continue reading

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