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Recipe Disclaimer: Even I think this is a weird recipe. But it takes about 3 minutes to prepare so I gave it a shot!  Well I’m still on the ‘lets clean out the freezer’ kick so out came some chicken … Continue reading

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Are you kidding me?

It’s April 2nd not April Fools Day! Snow. 

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April Fools joke?

You know how I said that I had made a turkey on Sunday for dinner and how good it smelled? Well that odor seemed to have gotten into some areas in the fridge that I never would have guessed! Now … Continue reading

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It’s Turkey Time!

We had a turkey in the freezer for sometime now and because I didn’t get the freezer thawed out this past winter, I thought it was time for the old bird to come out and make some more room for … Continue reading

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It’s wedding season!

Today we had the first of the wedding that we have on the calendar for this year.  It’s always hard to figure out just what to wear to a wedding in March/April isn’t it? I mean should you wear something … Continue reading

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Roamin’ Catholics again!

Yup, it’s that time of the year again on the calendar – it’s Lent! And what does that actually mean? Well it means that it’s Roamin’ Catholic time again – WhooooHoooo!!!  and with my brother and sister in law – … Continue reading

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Making soap….

About this time of the year I start to panic and freak out a little bit because I’ve got a vendor show coming up the end of May and even though that does sound like a long ways away – … Continue reading

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Gravel roads

As I’m writing out a Thank you note to our road grader man today I can’t help feel how vulnerable we are and at the mercy of our country roads for not only in the Winter but also in the … Continue reading

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Good-bye Winter Village!

Good-bye Winter Village and Helloooo Spring! Some call them Christmas Villages but when they’re left up past the Christmas season and they are in our house they soon become called ‘Winter Villages’. I really don’t mind that they stay up … Continue reading

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Sorry Sister Mary Amelia!

One thing leads to another…   I went to a Catholic school for my elementary education and even though I might not have remembered everything that I had heard from the nuns, I do remember that you are not supposed … Continue reading

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