Getting ready…

It’s that time of the year again! It’s when you drive by almost any farm and you’ll see the combine, tractors, silage wagons, and just about anything else that might be needed in the fields these next few weeks or months just waiting in the yards and ready to go in the fields. In our yard we’ve got the combine taking center stage. Daryl needs to change the corn head to the bean head and then hoping to get out in the field soon! 

So on my way home from work today I was checking to see if anyone was in the fields yet (bad habit from driving around with Daryl) and I couldn’t help to notice how ugly the soybean fields have become. I mean just check out how nice they looked about a week ago. So yellow and colorful! Almost glowing in the sunshine don’t you think? 

Well now they are getting close to being combined and are turning brown with just a little bit of yellow leaves on themSo when they start to turn brown and their leaves are falling off they are drying down, and when they get to this stage  – well you might as well forget seeing your husband for about a month or two. Because once the beans are done being harvested they’ll roll right into combining corn. But it’s what they waited for all summer for and are anxious to see what kind of crops that they’ll get and also to checkout what everyone else was getting for their yields too! 

So as I’m writing this on my front porch late tonight with the two dogs by my side, the crickets are making quite a noise, I’ve got a blanket on my lap to take away the chilly temperature, and I can hear the corn rustling in the wind, I can just feel the cold weather season coming faster than I’d care to admit.  It won’t be long now and soon at night all you’ll hear will be combines working in the fields and tractors going by all hours of the day & night to one field or farm or to the other. I think it’s like the Farm Circle of Life.

Well it’s getting late and I’ve got an early morning tomorrow, so I hope everyone has a safe harvest and let the crazy schedules begin! 

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