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Week 1 _ Coronavirus

Well as you all know we are all trying to stop the coronavirus that has plagued the world these past two weeks by having to leave your house and  travel only when absolutely   necessary. OK, so what did I … Continue reading

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Secret to a great tomato crop!

Just like my flower purchases this year, my tomatoes were purchased off the sale rack on the end of planting season. Sometimes that’s just how you have to roll right?  Well when I purchased the tomatoes they were looking pretty … Continue reading

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I had good intentions the other day to stay focused when I went into the grocery store. Well I had pretty good intentions anyway.  And guess how long that lasted? Well I didn’t even get into the store when my … Continue reading

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Next season is here!

I’m afraid that we are seriously going into the next season. I know that I’ve been in denial lately and that it’s actually happening. With all of our lawn furniture still out along with having other things that need to … Continue reading

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What to do?

It’s that time of the year again when the weather turns colder and you know that Fall is in the air and Winter isn’t too far behind.  And also what you know if that you now have to decide what … Continue reading

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Dry weather & apples

We couldn’t figure out why the one apple tree was dropping the apples so fast until we took a closer look this weekend and found out that the ground must be just so dry that the apple tree just couldn’t … Continue reading

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Vegetable Stands

Since I don’t have a garden this year and when I heard that some kids had set up a vegetable stand in town, well I’m going!  The story was that their mom had too much in her garden and some … Continue reading

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Let’s freeze some corn

It’s that time of the year ago when the sweet corn is ready and guess what that means? It means that you better be ready too!  See there’s just a small window when you need to get the corn into … Continue reading

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Sunday is mulch day

It’s another beautiful day in Iowa and even though it was Sunday, well that doesn’t change much on the farm when it’s Spring.  So when Daryl said that he needed me to take him to the other farm early in … Continue reading

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Getting the yard and fields ready

It’s Saturday and it’s a perfect day! All the farmers are very busy today. It seems like in every field you can see dust fly and the farmers are just working very hard to get the crops in. And what … Continue reading

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