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Spring cleaning in the Roadhouse

The Roadhouse needed some love, and today was a good day to do it. I still had some Christmas lights in it and also a Christmas tree still up, yea…. I know, and it was about time to get it … Continue reading

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Guttenburg, Iowa, Cassville Ferry, and Singing in the Park

It was such a nice day out on Sunday, that we decided to go for a drive. Our first stop was for dinner at a restaurant on the Mississippi riverfront. We stopped in Guttenburg and ate in a really an … Continue reading

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Hazelnut – tree or bush?

I had some bonus points to use at our local nursery from the landscaping that I did this spring, and they had to be used this week. OK, no problem. So I had some errands to do in town and … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary Carl and Teresa

There was quite a few different ideas that I had for the title of this blog, but I think I picked the best one. Why Happy Anniversary Carl and Teresa? The first reason: This one is an obvious one to … Continue reading

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Making my list and checking it twice

I have a pretty good list going, and so far so good. I was able to check off most of what I wanted to today, and I’m hoping tomorrow I’ll have as much luck. The first thing that happened today … Continue reading

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I went to the second hand store a while back and picked up what I thought was a fun gift for my nephew’s girls. It was a Kool-Aid pitcher and 5 matching cups. I thought it was kind of fun … Continue reading

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Thank goodness for showers and family

It was hot! I don’t mean the type when you sit in the sun and think that maybe you should move into the shade.. I mean when you walked outside you thought to yourself  “It’s hot”.  So when I did … Continue reading

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