Next season is here!

I’m afraid that we are seriously going into the next season. I know that I’ve been in denial lately and that it’s actually happening. With all of our lawn furniture still out along with having other things that need to tucked away for the winter, it’s about time to face the facts.  

Most of the plants died

and our pumpkins aren’t looking so good either. You know that it’s rotten when you pick it up to give to the chickens and the handle come off and the rest is a pile of mush! But the chickens will eat it and so it won’t go to waste. I just have to be creative on how to get it to the chicken coop. 

But I must say that I did actually get one big job done. I finally got my summer clothes switched over to the fall/winter selection. This is such a bad job and if I ever had a couple of million dollars I would have a closet that you could have all your clothes in it once! 

Come to think of it – if I had a couple of million dollars I’d have Another set of summer clothes somewhere maybe in Costa Rica that I could wear in November to March 🙂 

OK, enough day dreaming. 

I took some of the flowers that I could in and for now they look pretty good. Just not so sure how I’m going to water them other than taking them in the shower. And I’ve even got a big plant in my shower so that one will be easy! 

So this upcoming weekend will need to be spent getting lawn furniture put away along with making some bath supplies for my upcoming show. 

Whew! It’s going to be busy!! 

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