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Well Hellooooo!!!

Now I’m sure you’re wondering just what in the world have I been doing this past month?  I mean I haven’t been making any soap and obviously not updating this Blog! Well to be honest, I just wanted to take … Continue reading

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Getting ready for some rock picking

With the promise of warmer weather has Daryl thinking of all the rock that needs to be picked out in the fields. Yup, unfortunately this is one of the things that happens every spring in our area of Iowa.  Now … Continue reading

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Field work begins!

We finally are out of the snow season (Thank Goodness!) and the weather has been really nice lately. And with good spring weather, that usually means that the field work will be in full swing soon!  So with having to … Continue reading

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Just not right

We’ve had the most craziest weather this Spring, and I use the word Spring very loosely here!  You just never know what it is going to do and for now we’re getting snow. And seriously way to much snow for … Continue reading

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Hanging out

The weather is still holding out and even though I’ve got about a million things to get done in the house, I’ve been spending time outside just checking out what needs to be done to get it ready for Spring.  … Continue reading

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What’s in your pocket?

I’m not sure if this is the case in everyone’s house, but when you live on a farm and it’s time to do laundry it’s anyone’s guess just what will be in the pocket of a farmer.  Now in our … Continue reading

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Iowa winter weather

Good weather and bad weather – it’s all just weather right?  But for some reason the good weather is just so much more fun!  Earlier this week they were forecasting the weather to start out with rain, go to sleet, … Continue reading

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It’s getting a little toasty around here

To say that I’ve been scared to death when Daryl decided to light our tree fire, well that’s really an understatement! We’ve had these trees down all summer and with no wind today, I guess he decided it was time … Continue reading

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Next season is here!

I’m afraid that we are seriously going into the next season. I know that I’ve been in denial lately and that it’s actually happening. With all of our lawn furniture still out along with having other things that need to … Continue reading

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Hauling hay

Daryl usually has most of our hay made into round bales and stores them at the other farm until he gets time to have them moved to ours.  So he spent the weekend cleaning out the cow yard and hauling … Continue reading

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