Field work begins!

We finally are out of the snow season (Thank Goodness!) and the weather has been really nice lately. And with good spring weather, that usually means that the field work will be in full swing soon! 

So with having to buy hay this year, Daryl decided to work some ground up this Spring and plant some more hay ground. Not much, but enough to get us hopefully with what we’ll need next Fall and Winter.

Well I wanted to snap a couple of pictures of the field work beginning, so my plan was to take a couple of pictures and then see if Daryl needed my help. And it did turn out that he was asking if I would check that the seed was falling when it came out of the equipment. No big deal right? Yeah. So of course I said no big deal and was ready to help out in any way. I was going to ride on the back where there was a plank to watch the grains, but of course when I tried it out there was more on my backside than the equipments! 

So my new plan now was to walk behind the equipment for a little bit, say that everything was going good, and get back home to work on nothing other than soap of course! 

OK, so I gave Daryl the thumbs up and he put the tractor in gear and we were off. HOLY SMOKES! I didn’t remember to be careful with a big log chain behind my feet that’s used to cover the rows up after the grain had dropped. Well as you can imagine, it caught my legs just above my ankles and started to drag me through the field. With luck on my side, I didn’t fall right away and all I kept thinking of .. Please don’t break my ankles, Please don’t break my ankles! Now I don’t have any idea if it actually could break my ankles, but I was sure worried that something bad was about to happen if I didn’t get out of this situation soon! So I managed to turn sideways which I’m not sure was better or worse because now I’m trying to walk/half run sideways behind the equipment with the log chain pulling me through the rows. Just so not cool! 

Well as you can imagine I was stumbling along with this look of panic on my face which seemed like hours, but was honestly only probably a couple of seconds when finally I got out from it and fell in the field rows.

With just some scrapes and bruises on my ankles, it was something that I sure hope that I am a lot smarter about where to stand the next time we do this! 

And the final answer? The planter was working just fine 🙂 

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