Gravel roads

As I’m writing out a Thank you note to our road grader man today I can’t help feel how vulnerable we are and at the mercy of our country roads for not only in the Winter but also in the Spring.

January and February were just crazy months this year. I mean we had not only got record  amounts of snow this year, but when you add 40 to 60 mph wind to those amounts… I’m just saying that you’ve got a Party going on! It was such crappy weather these two months that when the weather forecast was 3 – 4 inches of snow the thoughts was  ‘well that’s not such a big deal’. Now granted the roads were completely full already with snow banked up on each side, but if you only add a couple inches of snow on top of that with no wind – Heck I could even leave on time those mornings for work and not worry too much that I’ll be late.

But now that we have Spring knocking at the door and with the forecast of mid 60’s for today with 0% chance of rain, you know that’s going to be a good day! This good weather will hopefully help with getting the roads back into shape from what happened when the snow melted and the earlier rains that happened this year. I took a couple of pictures of our road and honestly the pictures didn’t do it justice! Most of the road literally had washed away. I’m pretty sure Daryl is thinking I’m a big chicken when it comes to our roads washing out. See the road was getting close to becoming really bad and one night after work I forgot and started to head to our farm from the East. Bad decision. When I saw the water literally disappearing into the road about halfway across it and no bottom in sight – yeah, I decided that I’m not going to drive over that! So what does any country person do? Well we back up right? And if you’ve lived in the country I’m just saying we are all experts in backing up for some reason. So as I’m almost all the way up the hill from our road while backing up, I can see a red pickup heading my way. I just knew that Daryl was coming to say that I can get through. Now while I’m watching the truck slowing making it across I knew that’s what he was doing.  And was I right? Yup, he said that it would be OK to go across it. . Well I thought OK I’ll do it and if the car falls down into the depths of who knows where, I guess it’s not going to be my fault that’s all I’m saying! Well I made it but I’m not so sure I should have drove on it. And by the next morning there was no one that was going to get through!

I know that even though our road looked bad that there are a lot of others that had their roads completely washed away or they’ve even had to evacuate their farms and homes, so I’m not going to complain about ours. The road leaving our farm heading West has been good and as long as I can get to work I’m OK with that!


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