What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!

OK, maybe a little too much drama going on here, but as everyone knows I do not like wind – especially when it’s been blowing for the past few days at 40 to up to 60 mph. Now I’m sure that there are reasons that people like wind – the first example that I can think of is being on the beach in ARUBA and it’s around 85 to 90 ° and as it gently blows over your face to help keep you cool. Yup, that’s a good reason for a gentle breeze. 

But guess what? We are not in ARUBA anymore and does it really have to be so windy that it has blown semi trucks and trailers off the roads? I’m guessing no!

But it is drying off the fields to get ready for Spring planting so I guess I’ll just have to live with it. And now that I’m laying in bed with the wind howling outside and rain hitting the windows I could only wish I was back on that beach with a light wind blowing across my face.


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