Good-bye Winter Village!

Good-bye Winter Village and Helloooo Spring!

Some call them Christmas Villages but when they’re left up past the Christmas season and they are in our house they soon become called ‘Winter Villages’.

I really don’t mind that they stay up longer than Christmas do you? Seriously they are kind of a nice addition to our kitchen decor and they are displayed out of our way so it’s a win win! I think I l leave them up maybe a week or month longer than they should just because maybe I’m can? For some reason every year once I get the houses up one or more of the bulbs in the buildings seem to give me trouble. So I have to jump back up on the countertop and hopefully keep my balance by hanging onto one of the cupboards as I reach out to grab the house. I stare at the bulb like it’s going to give me an answer or something why it wasn’t working and then I find out that it either it came loose or just had enough and quit working. Whatever the case, once I see that most of them are working that’s the way they stay until they come down again. My theory is that some of the town folk went to bed early 🙂

But now that it’s Spring outside and I’ve seen about a hundred (OK maybe only about 20) robins! I think it’s safe to say that Spring is actually just around the corner and it’s time to get this Winter Village back into the boxes and put up something a little bit lighter and more like summer for the next couple of months!

Good-bye village for another year!


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