Making soap….

About this time of the year I start to panic and freak out a little bit because I’ve got a vendor show coming up the end of May and even though that does sound like a long ways away – I know it’s going to come up fast!

So these past few weeks I’ve been working on getting soap made along with thinking about a couple of donation baskets. I try to donate to fundraisers about 3 times a year – the amount really just depends on the year. But all my donation baskets are for a good cause and I honestly don’t mind. This years donation baskets are for the Sons of American Legion fundraiser in Lawler to support for service dogs for Veterans; St. Wenceslaus church for their Guild at the Daddy (Father Figure)/Daughter Dance in Spillville; and seeing if I can get a basket done yet for the Art Museum for the Art in Bloom Garden Club show in Milwaukee.

With the May show coming up I’m always looking for new methods and trying out new things – sometimes they work… and sometimes they don’t. I had the biggest mess the other day and you know when you’re trying something new you say to yourself ‘don’t worry’ it’s the first time that you’ve done this. Yeah, well that’s what we try to say and convince ourselves right? But in this case I was saying it over and over in my head because I didn’t have a small mess, I had a full blown kitchen mess!  It literally looked like someone was slinging soap and I was standing in the middle of them while they were having a fight! But I figured that there is no way to get better at something than to keep working at it. And when it’s all said and done the soap looked a little better than I had hoped with using these flower tips for the first time.

Now everything that I’ve read about these particular tips was that they are hard the first couple (or twenty 🙂 ) times that you use them. So I’m hoping to give them a try again this weekend on some other soap that I have set aside. I’m guessing that it’s going to go much better. Heck it honestly couldn’t get much worse!


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