July 3rd, 2017

With the weekend starting out pretty busy, just how did we spend the rest of our time? 

Well I was lucky because my work has Monday, July 3rd. Hooray!!!  So guess what fun thing that I did today? Well the day was spent mowing our lawn. Now you would think that this would just be a quick mow here and there, but there is PLENTY of grass to mow on our farm and along with that comes enough trimming to keep you busy for hours it seems.

So that’s’ what I did all day Monday. I started to mow the grass probably even before I should have because it still had dew on it from the night before,  and mowed into the afternoon. Some of it wasn’t too bad to mow – just thick. Others .. well not so fun.

The worst was our ‘snake’ ditch. There was water that hasn’t moved out yet from the rains and the grass was pretty high. I wasn’t sure if I would find snakes (AAAHHHH!!) in there or snapping turtles or maybe even some bullfrogs. But it was on my list to do today and by golly it was going to get done!


I kept this ditch for last and now it was time to bite the bullet. It seriously wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be and as I was trying to pull the lawnmower through the water that was above my ankles I kept thinking to myself… please don’t let me see a snake, PLEASE don’t let me see a snake, PLEASE DON’T LET ME SEE A SNAKE. Now was there snakes in there? I’m sure there probably was a garden snake but since I didn’t see it and I was working like I was going to literally catch on fire or something, I mowed that ditch pretty fast without seeing any critters. 

With today being a vacation day, it would have been so much more fun spending it on the river with my kayak. But the lawn needed to be mowed and tonight it looks so nice. Hopefully next weekend we’ll be able to get the kayaks out. 

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