Happy 4th!

We weren’t sure just what we were going to do today and with the chores done, it was time to make the final decision. 

Since we haven’t had the Chevelle out yet this year, That was our plan. We were going to ‘stretch her legs’ as Daryl calls it and head to a 4th of July carnival about 70 miles away. 

We’ve been to this towns celebration before but it’s been awhile. We thought we’d go check it out and grab some dinner. 

The weather was perfect for it, not too hot but still sunny. Without air conditioning in the car, that’s pretty important! 

It was a fun ride over and after making the loop to see what our options was for dinner, we decided on a local spot in town that we haven’t been to before. Good decision because our food was really good! 

Then to make the loop again through the park. I was so amazed on how many rides and activities this town of Clear Lake puts together. Just knowing what our town has to do for Irish Fest, I can’t believe how much work it takes to put on a 4 day carnival!! This picture shows only one of the 5 streets that was full for the day. And even thought it looks like there wasn’t too many people there –  take my word for it, they had a great turnout. 


There was people swimming and singers and dancers in the pavilion, along with tons of rides and carnival food. We really wanted to buy a Funnel Cake because seriously how can you go to a carnival and not get one? Am I right?  But we were so full, we just couldn’t do it. I know we’ll be sorry later tonight for not getting one to share but then we also might be sorry tonight if we did buy one too 🙂 20170704_135522_resized

Now what ride should we go on? There was so many to pick from and after scoping them all out we made our decision. We were going to go on the Hurricane. It was fast and it seemed like fun. We did notice that people were kind of leaning out of the cars when we were watching them, but maybe that’s just because it was going so fast? Well my friends that isn’t the reason. 

We bought our tickets and was all tucked into our car and even smiled for a quick selfie before taking off. 20170704_140634_resizedThen we started to move. And move we did! We were going so fast that I was literally smashing Daryl straight into the side of the car. I wasn’t sure if I was cutting off the oxygen to his lungs or not and I found out later that I was! For me I was just trying to keep my head somewhat straight because I was worried that I was going to have to wear a neck-brace back to work on Wednesday. Well I gave up trying not to smash Daryl because it wasn’t working and now my focus was trying to save my own neck. Literally! I ended up taking both hands and tried to hold my head somewhat straight to keep it from flopping around.

Finally the ride stopped and I knew that I had smashed Daryl into the side of the car. Even though I don’t think Daryl liked the ride much (really sure that was the case) I thought it was kinda fun. We must have looked bad because a complete stranger who was watching the ride came up to us and said that she was watching us and how did we like the ride? That just confirms the thought that we must have looked really bad. 

But guess what? I had a massage appointment the next day and for the last few months I’ve been having the worst time with my neck being out and really bad headaches.  And as I was laying on the massage table she asked what did I do to my neck since I’ve been in last? She said it was so much better!!  That is so funny!!! 

And what is the photo of the day? Well seeing if the corn is knee high by the fourth of July of course20170704_182515_resized

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