More tomatoes

My brother asked if I wanted some more tomatoes and seriously can someone ever have too many tomatoes? 

So of course I said yes, I would take them and I soon had a couple of plastic bags of tomatoes on my kitchen cupboard. 

Well because it’s getting very close to the busy time on the farm with the fall harvest, I knew that I had a lot to do tonight and canning wasn’t really on my ‘to do’ list. 

These tomatoes were going to be skinned, quartered, and then frozen. A much easier way to put them away for the winter if you ask me. 

With a big kettle of water boiling, and all the tomatoes washed and scored,

dscn9144into the pot they go for just a few minutes or until you see the skin starting to curl up. If you leave them in too long you’ll end up with a very mushy tomato. They are still good, but a little over cooked. Been there – done that before! 

Next into the sink that was filled with ice water to help cool them down and to make peeling them much easier. 

Finally I cut them up and vacuum packed them for the freezer. I LOVE my vacuum sealer and if you don’t have one in your kitchen – well I don’t know how you can survive. I’ve worn out one already and the one that I have now has done it’s share also. Just saying – if you have a freezer… you need a vacuum sealer for meat, vegetables, fruit, soups, and leftovers. (Can you tell I use mine a lot?) 

Now that the tomatoes are all safely stored for the upcoming winter in the freezer, I headed outside to do the chores. Daryl was going to be late getting home tonight, so I quick gave some cherry tomatoes to the chickens and the peacocks, and found some apples for the cows to go with their hay and corn for the night. 

The dogs are in the house watching the TV show “Chopped’ and all is well on the farm for the night. 


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