Gone Fishing

Yup, it’s that time of the year again. It’s the time when some of my girlfriends and I head up to the North country for a long weekend. Now I know that the title of this blog says ‘Gone Fishing’ and I think I should explain. We’ve only gone fishing maybe twice in over 30+ years since we’ve gone up north. But quite a long time ago we would get such grief from people that we would actually go up north without our husbands and kids, so we came up with a plan. We listened close to what some of the guys were saying when they went away for the weekends without their spouse’s,  and soon our story was to say that we were going fishing for the weekend. No one would believe that we would go hunting, but the fishing story was a good one.  I’m even thinking that we’d be doing most of the same stuff that the guys would be doing anyway on their ‘fishing’ trips. We get up late, eat a huge breakfast, go hang out on the lake for the day, and then eat some more. And during the course of the weekend, we might end up playing some cards. See, it’s that much different than the guy’s when they go off fishing. But there is one difference and  that is when we are on the lake, we are on our floaties and just hang out for the afternoon. I’m a little worried this year though. The weather turned a lot colder and I’m not sure that it’ll be warm enough to go in the lake. But I’m not going to freak out about it now, and I’ll guess we’ll see tomorrow when we get there if it’ll be warm enough. The cabin that we stay at is way up north in the National Forest and with no electricity or cell phone service, I’ll have to catch up with the blog when I get back on Sunday.

Until then – wish us luck on our ‘Fishing Trip’ 🙂

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