Happy June! 

The month of June in the past has always been a busy month for us and this year once again it proves to also be very busy! 

So to start out the month the first weekend we have a wedding, 2 graduation parties, a Birthday party, and a vendor show that I’m usually in. Yup, it’s starting out strong right? 

Obviously I wouldn’t be able to make it to all of them, so Daryl and I split the day. He went to a couple of the parties while I was at the Vendor show and then we met up late in the afternoon and went to one of the Graduation parties together that night. It was one of this weekends when everything fell on the one day!  

Well with this being 1 of the 3 vendor shows that I do for the year, I’ve been very busy these past 3 months getting soap made and packaged. The show starts on Friday and goes through Saturday, and this year I’m hoping to have enough made to carry me through the show and then most of the summer. Part of me hopes that it’s true but then the other part of me wants to sell soap and get rid of most of it this weekend.

I’m always so nervous the days before the show because what happens if no one wants my soap anymore? At first I was OK what that if it happened but now I think I’d be a little sad. And how did I do? I met my goal for sales and then some. Yay!! and Whew!! They do still like it! 

Here are a couple of pictures of my display. I like switching it up every show and I was happy once again how this year’s display looked. I drag a lot of stuff out of our house and just never know how it’s going to look 🙂

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