There is a celebration in town!

For the past couple of years our town has celebrated a town celebration called Irish Fest. See our town started out with a lot of Irish families so when it was time to figure out what kind of a festival can we have? Well an Irish Festival was a logical decision. But the funny thing is the Irish in our town is in the old newspapers you can read how the St. Lucas Germans were coming to Lawler because there wasn’t enough farm land and how much the Irish didn’t really like it. There was even an article that they should shut the bridge down on the main road to Lawler. Crazy stuff right? I’m sure it was written in spoof but you tell me why we have a green water tower and the kid’s Little League uniforms were also green. Coincidence? And now? Well I’m 100% German and so is Daryl but we always help out with donating our time to what ever is needed.  Now if you remember our town has only around 400 people living here and when you have a 3 day celebration, that means both Irish and Germans have to get along. Well at least for the weekend 🙂

The one thing to me that sets the beginning of the weekend is that the local fireman start around Tuesday or Wednesday washing the streets. That way all the vendors and people walking to the entertainment can have clean streets to walk on with their kids. It’s kind of a cool tradition if you ask me.

I’m on a Historical Committee and for the past few years we’ve setup our display in buildings that have been available, but not necessarily ours. It would be so awesome if we had a building of our own and didn’t have to pack everything up every time we have a display, but I guess they say good things come to those who wait. I’m not sure that I’m that patient!

We also celebrated Father’s day this weekend with everyone here. With a busy weekend, we talked about going out for dinner. But the more that we talked about it and the crowds, we just ended up having dinner here and I think it was really nice! So here is a picture of Daryl and the kids. Just too funny that Reno snuck in there and had her picture taken too! I guess she does act like one of the family and this picture proves it! I’m just so happy that we got her back a couple months ago! 

This weekend was really fun because William and Jude and Kyle and Kelcie were all home and before I knew it, the weekend was over and the kids went home again.

Sometime I’m going to slow this crazy life down!

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