Good Friday – Roamin’ Catholics

How can it be Good Friday already! It seriously seems like the weeks just fly by sometime!

With being a Roamin’ Catholic that means that this year again we were successful in our endeavor to find as many new fish frys that we could each Friday in Lent. We were able to make it out on the Friday but one and all new places again.  Shazam!

Now I’m sure that you’re thinking that it doesn’t sound so hard with all the Catholics in our area to find new places, but it can be challenge! Once again we traveled in all directions and had a lot of fun!

Seriously I’m not sure if the fish is the best part of the night. I think just hanging out and trying new restaurants and local spots,  along with seeing what entertainment the towns have to offer – is what makes it fun and is something that I look forward to every week!  

But all good things must come to an end. From celebrating Ash Wednesday on our way to Aruba this year,  to plates of lobster and shrimp at Red Lobster – What a Feast! I’m thinking when they came up with that slogan ‘Lobster Feast’ they were probably thinking of us on any given Good Friday!


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