It’s a dog’s life

Are you wondering what our dogs have been up to? 

Well if you are … I’m here to tell you not much ! 

With the weather hopefully turning warmer soon, the amount of time that the dogs will be coming in the house will be less and less these next few months. Hopefully we’ll be able to hang out with them in the yard and on the front porch. 

So what do they usually do when they are in the house? Well Kaiser usually sits way too close to the TV watching dog shows. (all my years of yelling at the kids to move back is still coming in handy!)

And Ms. Reno usually is pretty much passed out most of the time until she hears the chickens go by the house and then she seems to perk up! She really doesn’t like to chase them, just likes to watch them. 

Sometimes I think our dogs are kinda spoiled. 

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