Happy Birthday Daryl!

Another Birthday in the books and what a fun time we had getting everyone together for Daryl’s birthday! Now when I say that we get everyone together our way might be a little different than what others think that might mean. When I say that we can ‘get together’ for a birthday it usually means that we will be using our computers to skype.  And that’s exactly what we did tonight to sing Happy Birthday to Daryl and to be with him to blow out his candles and open up his birthday presents.  

And if you look closely at the candles you’ll see that they are brand new and that have never been used before. Yup, I bit the bullet on that one because I was so tired of making 9’s into 3’s and 4’s into 1’s! I’m not sure if you have done this before,  but I’m here to tell you that for the new ones I spent a whole $2 and added them to my shopping cart on Tuesday. Seriously they were only $1 each! I’m thinking that I should have bought the whole display!

So for supper tonight we had Daryl’s favorites – meatloaf (his mom’s recipe) boiled potatoes with butter, green bean casserole, and then of course later birthday cake and ice cream 🙂 It was fun to see everyone and to get together!  Happy Birthday Daryl!


Happy Birthday to a fun loving, hard working, great guy!

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