Holding my breath!

Lately every time that No Ears gets pregnant we hold our breath! The reason is because she is getting up there in age and seems to get milk fever before she has the calf. So she’s usually so weak and let me just say it’s pretty scary for both No Ears and myself! 

Her last calf she had gotten so sick and was down for a couple of days. And then of course she had given birth to the calf Luna at that time out in the field in the rain. Yup, pretty much the worst circumstances. So when I asked the vet if there was any kind of birth control for cows first they looked at me like ‘did you drive here by yourself’ and then with a kind of smirk said to just keep her away from the bull. OK seriously, how many years do you have to go to vet school to learn that! Well since they are nice in that office, I just smiled and held my breath hoping that her age will help us get her out of this situation. 

No such luck! Luther the bull kind of likes her so of course she was going to have another calf. AND GUESS WHAT? She did have a calf, and she didn’t get sick or in trouble at all this time. I’m so glad because every once in awhile Daryl will say that we will have to sell her and when I give him the stink eye and say kinda mean things back to him if he ever sells her (shock right?) so see she’s still the best mom in the yard! 

And what is her newest calf’s name? Well April of course!  

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