It’s Turkey Time!

We had a turkey in the freezer for sometime now and because I didn’t get the freezer thawed out this past winter, I thought it was time for the old bird to come out and make some more room for other important things, like Cool Whip and Bacon! So out of storage the roaster came and in it the turkey went.The turkey was given to us as a gift and was completely cooked by being smoked. Yum right? Well as it was heating up in the roaster I took a good look at it and realized that holy smokes it was a pretty big turkey for only two people! I mean how much can or should we eat? To give you an idea on how big it was, just to take it out of the roaster when it was done I had to use two kitchen prongs, one in each hand and without any grace at all I very clumsily was working my way to put it in another pan. While the gravy drippings going all over the front of my shirt and floor,  I finally got it into the pan and then placed it on the table. Well Daryl and I sat down at the kitchen table for dinner, and I knew I was right. It was a pretty big turkey!! But if you’ve made a turkey before you know that once the official first meal was over and you start cutting it apart, you come up with a lot less meat than you were thinking you were going to have. Which in this case was good. And because the turkey was a kind of big, the legs weren’t the best to eat. OK, so now that the meal is over and our house smelled like a smokehouse (in a good way!), I had the turkey cut up and into the refrigerator it went until I figured out if I needed it all for a turkey noodle soup or not. Then the remaining bones and turkey legs went back into a stew pot with celery, onions, and some carrots for a turkey broth. And while that was cooking I soon realized that I need to remember that there is only two of us eating our meals together now and maybe I should learn to downsize just a little bit!

Making a large kettle of soup stock today!


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