It’s wedding season!

Today we had the first of the wedding that we have on the calendar for this year.  It’s always hard to figure out just what to wear to a wedding in March/April isn’t it? I mean should you wear something that is short sleeved or sleeveless? Now a lot of girls do wear dresses that are sleeveless and they look just fine. For some reason when I wear a sleeveless dress this early in the year all you can see is these huge arms coming at you. Gross! So I usually opt for something a little bit more covered up until I can get a little bit more comfortable showing these flappers.

Well what did I wear? I was debating of wearing a dress with a sweater but honestly I didn’t want to look old and frumpy, and because we were only going to be at the wedding for a short time and then had another party to go to after the reception, I ended up wearing a long sleeved outfit. I guess it was a long way from the sleeveless conversation that I was having in my head earlier that day. Kind of funny now that I’m thinking of it 🙂

Looking forward to a fun summer!



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