April Fools joke?

You know how I said that I had made a turkey on Sunday for dinner and how good it smelled? Well that odor seemed to have gotten into some areas in the fridge that I never would have guessed!

Now it’s Monday morning and like almost every Monday morning – I seem to be running behind schedule to get out the door and actually on the road and to work on time. Once I’m out of bed, I hurry up and go to the bathroom, wash my face, add a little make-up so I don’t scare too many people, brush my teeth and hair, and then… then I grab my container for water for the day and put ice in it. No big deal, well until this morning. I thought that the refrigerator still smelled a little funky and smokey inside but that’s probably because I had the broth in it right? So when I opened the freezer I could still smell the smoky aroma of the dinner from the night before and thought that I was just in a hurry and was probably imagining it. Yeah, not so much!

When I got to work and into my first meeting of the day I took a big slug of water and instantly noticed that something was wrong. But it was one of those times when you just couldn’t put your finger on it and just couldn’t figure out what the difference was! Now I don’t know if it was just luck or if it could have been having my eyes squinted while I was thinking about this riddle, but then the light bulb went off. Yup! My water tastes like smoked turkey! OK, so if I was on the show Survivor or something this would be a good deal right? But sitting in a meeting sucking on what tasted like cold turkey broth – not so good!

So I dumped out both the water and the ice and started over with just water. That also didn’t work so well for me. All I could smell was turkey broth. I ended up adding some orange flavoring to the water which kind of covered up the odor for now. Once I got home I pulled out the ice tray and took a sniff. Now just then Daryl walked into the kitchen and without saying a word just smiled and went on with his business. You know when you’re married for a long time when nothing surprising you! It was one of those moments for Daryl. 

And guess what? That ice DID smell like turkey broth! The air must circulate in our new refrigerator which is causing the problem.. So first things first – freeze the broth and put it down in the basement freezer! Next – dump out the ice! Yup, tomorrow will be a much better day in the water hydration world of Bonnie!


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