Roamin’ Catholics again!

Yup, it’s that time of the year again on the calendar – it’s Lent!

And what does that actually mean? Well it means that it’s Roamin’ Catholic time again – WhooooHoooo!!!  and with my brother and sister in law – –  we’re off to find new places to eat fish every week. Now trying to find a new location always isn’t as easy as it sounds! The reason that I say this is because it’s been a couple of years since we started this tradition and sometimes it can be a challenge.

But we seem to manage pretty good with some extra imagination on our side!  Our last adventure took us to the bar called Togi Pub.It was a recommendation from the Blue Bird Tavern that was just down the road.  Now with a name like Togi Pub how can you expect anything but a good time and good food? Granted it was literally in the middle of nowhere and I’m pretty sure it was also the only business in the town. But when you walk into the bar and you see it filled with the locals, you know that it was a good choice! And how did we know that they were all locals in the bar? With the bar being small, and remember it was the only place in town to go, when we walked in everyone, and I mean everyone turned to see who we were! But then after a once over, they turned back to their business almost as fast. We all had a great time. I wonder where the next fish fry will take us?


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