New Years Resolutions

With every new year it seems like I try out a new fad – you know the latest and greatest thing that will make your life so much better. And every year I know that this new fad that I’m about to try might only last a week or two, well it was at least I gave it a shot right? 

So this year is not different. I’ve found something new that I’m really excited for! I love organizational things, and when I stumbled across this idea all I can say is that I was very interested! 

First things first. I ordered the book to do some homework on the philosophy. And to my amazement I even read the whole book. Good start. Yea I know kind of a shocked me too that I read the whole thing! I wanted to learn more so I found some shows on Netflix that this author did on the subject and I watched everything that I could on Youtube. OK.. I was ready! 

This organizational tool is called the KonMari method. This is the method that you take all of one thing – example would be all your shirts,  you gather them all up from your house and then you only keep the ones that make you happy. You don’t keep the ones that you ‘should’ wear but don’t or the ones that you got for a gift but never seem to wear them either. There are stages to how you go about decluttering your house for the categories and you are supposed to do this all at once. Well the all at once thing isn’t going to happen, but I did jump in today and got started. I started with our everyday clothes. I mean seriously there are only two people that live in our home anymore and we do not need this many shirts! But to be honest I found out that most of them were mine!  After only keeping the ones that ‘make you happy’ this is the before picture (it is one of the drawers that you have to push the clothes down to  get it closed) and this is the after picture. Kind of awesome right? So after this drawer was done I did the sweatshirt drawer and pants drawer with the same amount of luck. I was also able to get a couple more areas done this afternoon which is good because I have a lot of stuff to go through!  I’ve got a huge donation pile started and had quite a fire going today with the items that couldn’t be donated. What a great feeling to get rid of some of this stuff! 

The other part to my 2019  resolution was that I’m planning a weeks worth of meals out and working harder on having more diversified meals. I looked at all the plans available out of the web that you can join but decided to do it on my own. So with a lot of time spent on Allrecipes website, I had my list ready for this past week. And how did the week turn out? Well to name a few of the recipes that I made was a homemade lasagna, chicken and dumplings, stuffed mushrooms, fried mash potatoes cakes, maid rites, and beef stroganoff to name a few. There is a lesson that I need to learn though, for the lasagna (which was awesome by the way but it took around 2 1/2 hours to make the sauce and then bake!) the recipe honestly didn’t jump up at me to think that we would have so many leftovers. But it was so filling that we each only ate one piece and the rest was frozen for later. Gotta figure how much these recipes are making a little better! 

This week starts soap making again. I’m hoping to come up with new designs and fragrances so I’m really looking forward to the next month or two to see if my ideas work. I’ll keep you posted 🙂 

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  1. Ruth says:

    Congratulations on the de-cluttering work!! How amazing that you now have a two-thirds empty shirt drawer. Another blogger (thriftydecorchick) did the Kon-mari method. She thought it would take a week or two. But it took her nine months. She was very happy with the results also!
    Isn’t lasagne filling? I bought some tiny frozen one-serving cubes and could only eat half of mine. My husband ate all of his and said he didn’t like it. Not enough real meat in his. Good luck with your new meal plan.

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