Happy Birthday !

April is always a big month for us – everyone starts to get spring fever, the weather (hopefully) will start to warm up, and of course it’s Daryl’s birthday month! 

So one of the things that we haven’t done so well these past years is to make sure that we have the right candles for the birthday years on the cake. And of course we are not always so successful!  So in the past we’ve had to cut the birthday numbers out of paper and had to be very careful not to light the cake on fire and we’ve even resorted in the past cutting down the old numbers that we’ve used for years and years to make new ones. Good idea, not so good looking though.

But not this year! This year I’m ready and went to the store and bought two new ones just to be sure. Yup, trying to be prepared! 

And with the kids on Skype and the birthday cake lit with the right candles, it turned out to be a great night after all! 

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