With all the conversations about having possibly 3 Greenhouses built in our town, it’s got me thinking about William’s greenhouse in our own backyard. And because we’ve been in some typhoon path with all the wind lately, the greenhouse has taken its toll!

I did buy a new panel last year to replace one that blew off this summer on the greenhouse, but sadly it’s never been put up yet and now I’ve got about 6 more others to replace! I’m really not sure where the original ones went?  

So this is how the weather started out looking this morning on the way to work with a front moving in and then during the day we had sleet, rain, hail,  and then snow – so I’m thinking that I’ve got a little bit of time before the greenhouse will need to be ready! 


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  1. Ruth says:

    Oh, my goodness!! Snow still falling in the month of April in so many parts of the US! Perhaps all the reservoirs will be filled up, no droughts this year…

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