Spring clothes

With Iowa weather one day it’s snowing and the next day we’ve got sunshine. Now being that it’s going on to May – I SO much approve of the sunshine over the snow! Just like the greenhouse taking a hit from the crazy wind that we’ve had this Spring, it looks like I’m going to have to figure out my clothes line too! The wind took the top off of it and broke it off the bottom pole. Have I said lately how much I hate wind? Now I know that you’re not supposed to hate anything – well too bad! I do honestly hate wind!  

But Daryl added some extra bolts to the pole and cut parts of it off I think – whatever he had to do, he put it all together and I’m up and running again 🙂 

And for my spring wardrobe? I’m switching it out this weekend no matter what! I’ve been threatening to do this the past couple of weeks and I’m pretty tired of my winter clothes right now (do you ever get that way?) I’m also anxious to see what I all have in my spring storage bag and then I’m double anxious to find out if it all still fits

It’s a big job always having to switch the clothes for the seasons, but honestly I find some treasures once in awhile that I kind of forgot that I had! I sort out what I didn’t wear for the previous season and off to Good Will I go. I always wonder how people clean out their closets if they don’t have to switch them out every season? I would think you’d never get rid of anything that way! So I guess it’s a good thing to have small farm house closets – well anyway that’s what I’m going to try to convince myself this weekend! 


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