Laundry Dilemma

Have you ever done one of those things when you just really know that you should for that extra step,  but instead you spend all your energy on trying to convince yourself that – oh it’ll be OK?

Well I did a TON of laundry on Saturday and a couple of the loads I hung outside on the line to dry. The wind was blowing and actually the sun was even out. Yeah, it was a pretty rare occasion for us.

The laundry was drying very nicely and all is good in our little corner of the world.

That is until it was getting late last night and starting to snow. So now came the big decision. Should I put on my winter coat and find my boots to go outside and get the laundry in? I mean it’s going to need to be dried anyway, so if I brought it in I’d have to set up the drying rack and do all that kind of stuff. And as you can tell I was running out of steam fast and had no desire to do any more laundry tonight, and I especially wasn’t excited about going outside either. I mean we just started to watch the show Naked and Afraid and even though it’s not a regular show on in our house, it was so much better than laundry. Just saying!

So what did I do? Well I left it out there of course! Just as fast as we can get snow and rain here in Iowa – we are also supposed to get some mid fifties weather showing up in the next couple of days. Yup, it’s staying outside and by the time it’s dry again I’m guessing it’ll have a nice country fresh smell to all of it.


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