Iowa winter weather

Good weather and bad weather – it’s all just weather right? 

But for some reason the good weather is just so much more fun! 

Earlier this week they were forecasting the weather to start out with rain, go to sleet, get in some snow, and to top it off around 35 to 45 mph winds. Yup, would have chosen good weather instead for this week,  but I guess no one asked for my vote. 

So off to work I go knowing what this days forecast is. Daryl asked if I wanted to take the truck but honestly I drive the car more and know how it’s going to react if I get in a jam. 

Well there is a lot of times the weatherman isn’t right but of course this day they were spot on. We got rain, then while sitting in my office I could hear the sleet hitting the side of the building – so we got sleet, then about 20 minutes later after we had a good shiny coat of sleet on the ground the snow started to come. And for some reason it didn’t want to stop either! 

And all you can do is just hope for the best. When it was time to go home, the windshield really didn’t have ice on it and the layers of sleet just made kind of a slushy layer instead of freezing to the windows. I thought to myself, OK this isn’t so bad.

But as I started to drive I quickly changed my mind. The roads were completely covered and I just kept thinking to myself, no big deal… just take your time, just take your time. So that’s what I did and I kept checking my mirrors to make sure that no one was behind me just swearing up a storm for me going so slow. But guess what? I didn’t meet anyone or have anyone behind me going home that night. Now I’m really not sure why, but I didn’t care! 

With a couple of white outs on my drive home, I finally made it to our yard and into the garage. This is what our yard looked like when I got home around 4 pm.

And it just kept snowing and blowing but who cares right?  I was home and was planning on making soap all night. 

Well as the night went on, my plans changed. Remember the sleet that I talked about earlier? It now coated the power lines and with our lights flickering on and off for about an hour or so, I just couldn’t take the chance to start anything in the kitchen. And I’m serious when I say that you literally could hear the wind just howling outside. 

So what did I do? Well I putzed around the house for awhile and then we skyped with the kids in New York. The dogs begged to come in, so of course they came in. You know the old saying that you can’t teach an old dog a new trick? Well I’m thinking that our dogs learned this new trick of looking kind of pathetic so they can come in by the fireplace. And guess what? It works. 

Is it too late to go back to our nice warm island again? 


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  1. Ruth says:

    Oh, look at that last picture of the barn with snow!! That is so pretty!! Glad you got home safe.

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