Bad luck?

If you are superstitious you for sure don’t want to continue reading this post. 

See what happened is that about a good week ago, just right before we were leaving on our winter vacation, I was messing around in the closet to finalize my wardrobe for the trip. No big deal right? 

Well I was trying on clothes for about the 3rd time to just ‘try’ to downsize the amount that I was bringing on our vacation and hoping that when I was looking in the mirror I would have a miracle happen and look 25 lbs lighter  – but that’s not what happened. 

What did happen is that we have 2 mirror doors on our closet and the one was just a little funky lately and wouldn’t open very well. Well it wasn’t working the best again so as I was trying to move the door open it came completely off the track and as if in slow motion it fell. Now as it was going down I thought that maybe I’d be in luck because it was falling on the extra bed pillows that I had thrown on the floor. But nope! When it hit the pillows it kind of twisted and as I started to hear a crunch I knew that it wasn’t going to be good. The door mirror broke into small pieces of mirrors and then the other side of the door then broke. 

Seriously? I didn’t really plan on vacuuming the again – much less try to figure out just what I was going to do with this mess! So with all the pillows now in the wash and the floor vacuumed up again, I figured I was done with the packing and called it good. 

But then I thought about the two breaking mirror doors  – if breaking a mirror is bad luck then how much bad luck is breaking two huge door mirrors? I sure hope I don’t find out! 

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  1. Ruth says:

    You’ll let us know, though, right? Of course bad luck doesn’t really follow after breaking mirrors, but your vacation woes might be magnified in your mind. I hope you did have a great vacation!

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