Soap and more soap

I’ve been really pretty busy making soap these past couple of weeks and finally I was able to start wrapping them up for a show coming up. Now I’m sure I’ve mentioned it about a once or maybe 30 times that when you make soap it has to sit for 4 weeks to cure and to harden. So with a show coming up in a couple of days, I was able to get a jump start on getting it wrapped. 

Now I’ve gotten so much smarter  (now if you’re rolling your eyes – just hear me out!) The reason that I said that I’ve gotten so much smarter is because I’ve got the local print shop making copies of my soap labels so I don’t have to. It saves me about a billion hours of not having to do it myself. OK, maybe a billion is a little over dramatic, but it really does help.

See once I start wrapping the soap I used to work on it for around 12 hours straight. And I’m just telling you that if you are working on anything, much less wrapping soap for 12 hours  straight.. well it’s a long night and a very early morning! The worst that I had ever gotten was that my right arm and shoulder went completely numb after a 12 hour wrapping session. And if you think that this isn’t a good look for just about anyone – well you are right! But the worst thing was that after I got all done wrapping the soap, I jumped in and out of the shower and headed out for a show. Now have you ever tried to be polite and helpful when only half of your body worked? Yup, back to the ‘not so good look’. So I just kind of did everything with my left arm and side and would hit my right arm once in awhile to wake it up and to try to bring it back to life. And if you’re ever trying this method at home  I’m just saying that it doesn’t work so well. But I didn’t die or anything and I got a good night sleep that night and all was good in the world and my arms the next day. 

So now I have the labels preprinted and it saves me about 1/2 of the time to get the bars wrapped. See I told you that I’m so much smarter now 🙂

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