He’s in Love

Now normally when your husband comes into the house and tells you that he’s in Love and he’s not really looking at you when he says it, you’re supposed to get all upset and everything right? 

Yea, not so much. On the farm this new found love could easily be with a  piece of equipment and guess what? Yup, that’s exactly what he was talking about! 

And guess what else? I knew exactly that’s where he was going with this conversation! 

See he’s been watching the farm sales this summer for a new auger to help load the grain into the bins. He really wanted one that’s easier to set up and to also easier to unload the corn & beans into. 

He found a perfect one and that’s why he’s got a new Love in his life! 

The new (to us) auger raises and lowers without cranking it and is so much more user friendly. I did get a little nervous though when he was securing it to the bins.

But without any problems, it was soon moving corn without any problems. 

Yup, it’s the simple things on the farm that sure make the days seem so much brighter! 

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