Appreciation Barbecue

Our town is small in numbers but big in their hearts. Like all small farm country towns, everyone will always help to pitch in when there is something that needs to get done. 

And today we had an appreciation barbecue to celebrate all the hard work that everyone has done for one of our town parks. 

There was a committee that raised money for the new playground equipment, there are others that are working on getting the rest of the playground equipment painted and making the volleyball and tennis courts shined up again, I was on a committee that helped put a walking trail around the park, and how can you forget the local businesses that gave their business resources both in material and labor? For our trail, we would have never had gotten it completed without their generosity! 

So this weekend we put together a barbecue where the Lions Club grilled steak sandwiches,

a local business donated the chips, there was potato salad and our group was in charge of the bars. And because you just never want to run out of bars – we kinda had wayyyy too many! But we didn’t run out and that was good!!  

With a bunch of family games that was set up for the kids and the new playground equipment to play on

if the grownups weren’t chasing after their kids, they spent the time just hanging out

The afternoon really turned out well. 

What a great town we have and it’s so nice to see so many people proud of it! 

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