Random pictures

I decided that this post is going to be random pictures that I’ve taken these past couple of days

To start out, I’ve been working on organizing my craft room so it’s nice to have a reason to make a card or two lately. Here’s Kyle’s birthday card that I sent 

Next, check out the hangout center of the farm for the chickens and the peacocks. We are not sure why they like being in here so much, but they sure like it! I’m guessing if we looked close in between the bales we’d find a ton of eggs! 

On to a picture of one of our cows. It’s funny because they don’t even think anything of it when I’m walking in the pasture anymore with a camera. They think it’s perfectly normal to do that 🙂 

And finally here’s one of our dogs. They look pretty innocent but don’t let looks fool you! 

Well that’s it for tonight! 

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