Picking Rock

We haven’t had much time this Spring/Summer to get out and pick rock so we thought that we’d better go tonight and pick off the bean field. 

With my very fashionable green gloves in my pocket and jumping up on the tractor with Daryl off we go down the gravel road with the flat wagon trailing behind us. 

Seriously I think the best part of this whole gig is riding on the fender of the tractor 🙂 

But it was the first time that I’ve got out there this year and honestly the exercise will do me some good. See for my job I sit almost all day using a computer so any exercise is better than none. EVEN if it is picking rock! 

Well our plan was to make at least one round and hopefully get two rounds done tonight (a round is back and forth in the field) and guess how many we made ? If you guessed that we only made a half of a round then you guessed right! I swear some years that these rocks must grow and multiply in our fields during the winter!! 

The reason that we only did a half of a round was because even though the rocks that we were picking up were not huge ones they were still heavy on the wagon and we knew that we didn’t want to overload the wagon and possibly get stuck in the field. That would be so not cool! Just saying. 

One of the things that always seems to happen when we pick rock is that we can find some pretty unusual rocks to lug home. I think that I’ve got enough rocks in my flower gardens so the dogs and chickens won’t dig them up, but heck a couple more won’t hurt anything. These two are the ‘treasures’ that we found tonight. They look shiny because I washed them off before I put them back outside. OK, even that sounds kind of silly to me! But check them out – pretty cool huh? 


So I hop back on the tractor once again and after a couple of hours of picking up a half of a round  and we were heading back home just as the sun was starting to set. There’s a good chance of rain tomorrow so we’ll see if we will get out there again this week. There seems to be a lot of rock to pick yet out in the field. 


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3 Responses to Picking Rock

  1. Bruce E Mail says:

    maybe you need birth control for rocks

  2. Ruth says:

    Oh those are pretty rocks! A sedimentary one, and that reddish one reminds me of chert, with the sort of chip out of it. Rocks are fascinating.

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