Our Towns Celebration

It was our town’s annual celebration this weekend and honestly it couldn’t have gone any better on Saturday. 

The weather was overcast which made it perfect for the hour long parade that was going on through Main Street. The sidewalks were packed and it’s such a great feeling when you see that because so many people work so hard for the past 5 years putting this together that it’s so nice when it pays off in the end. 

So like I said the parade went over so well and all the activities during the day kept a good amount of people just hanging out for the afternoon   I Loved it! With our town only of a little over 400 people it takes quite a few of us to pull this weekend celebration off. And this year we’ve even been noticing that we’re drawing people in from Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Rochester MN, and Chicago. And what they all seem to be saying is that the venue for the Irish Fest weekend is so great! OK,  now how cool is that! 18557251_10211543092046358_3594974604079045904_n

But it’s really true that the only way that this works is if everyone helps each other out. I mean that we had 3 or 4 people come up to us while we was volunteering in the Main Tent and said that if we needed their help to just let them know. Now I can’t say if this would happen in a large city or not, but it happens in our town a lot. And seriously $5 per day to see all these great acts? I think that is an unbelievably good deal!!  

The night ended up with a lot of different bands playing in the Main Tent and it was once again a late night for not only our family but also a whole lot of other families! 

Tomorrow morning there is a breakfast after church and then the festivities will be over  for another year. I’m not sure what they are serving for the breakfast but we’ll go to support the church group putting the meal on. 

I’ve added a couple of pictures that Kyle took during the day below. For tons more pictures check out the Lawler Irish Festival Facebook page.

Hope to see you in our town next year! 




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