What a great weekend!

All the kids have been home for the weekend and we even had a couple extra friends of William’s that stayed with us for our town’s celebration. It’s funny how you can go from just two people in the house to 10 or 11! But that’s a lot of fun if you ask me.  

We used the Roadhouse for the overflow of kids and with the air conditioner on and a lot of blow up mattresses all lined up on the floor  – it worked perfect! 

After a bon fire on Friday night and some games with the kids after it, I knew that I needed to get to bed before I go up the next morning to make breakfast. I ended up frying 4 lbs of bacon and 3 lbs of sausage with about 2 1/2 dozen eggs scrambled – I was a little surprised that they weren’t able to eat it all 🙂

We didn’t see them much after the parade on Saturday until later in the afternoon. Then we had a chance to spend some fun time with them at dance downtown.  

And after church and breakfast on Sunday, when we got home all of the kids friends were gone and we spent a good part of today with our kids. It was a great way to spend Father’s Day! And guess what we did first? Well there was a dead tree that blew down when some wind went through the area and the guys had cut it up and got it moved. Hopefully it’ll work for some summer bon fires this summer. The tree fell perfectly in between two others which made the clean up a little easier. 


I got the boys and Daryl together before William and Jude had to leave to head back home. It was a fast picture but I really like it. I haven’t seen it so much in the past but I’m starting to see a lot of resemblance in these three guys lately. 

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there!



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