Was it a Sign? 5k Race & Corporate Sponsors

I believe in signs and fate so when I had a couple of things happen to me on Friday, well I took it as a Sign. 

See I planned on getting to bed early tonight because we have a very busy weekend coming up and I just had it in my head that this is what I needed to do. Now I mean that I wanted to go to bed early, I’m talking like 9:30 or 10:00. But there was a couple of things that I really wanted to get done and so guess what time I got to bed? If you guessed around 2:00 then you are a winner. 2:00 is a far cry from 10:00 don’t you think! 

I even amazed myself because I really wasn’t too tired as the day went on and then came the second sign. I was shaving my legs for the big run tonight, you know so less wind resistance 🙂 and then I dropped my shaver in the shower. Now no big deal and because I was in a hurry it didn’t surprise me that it ended up on the floor. But then what happened next was a bad thing. See as I moved my feet to see where the shaver went, I stepped on it. Have you ever stepped on the blade of a shaver before? If you have I really feel sorry for you because when it cuts the bottom of your toes that REALLY hurts! So now I’ve got blood all over and once I got the bandaid on it I thought I was OK. Yea, not so lucky! It bled through the bandaids and now what was I going to do? Well I ended up finding a pile of old bandaids tucked away in one of the containers in the bathroom and was back in business again. After putting around 5 or 6 of them on my toe to give it more of a wrapped brace it seemed to work much better. AND I was able to walk again. 

The next sign for the race was when I was registering. I went to the table and said Hi to everyone and was going to pick up my shirt. After I looked around for a little bit and didn’t see one I found out that they didn’t have one for me. They said that one of our kids had picked it up for me along with my racing bib number. Not good. This wasn’t good because now it was at our house and I won’t have time to get there. They did get me another one and now I was in business. 

So with around 3 1/2 hours of sleep, a cut foot that won’t stop bleeding, no shirt, and no racing number … I was Ready! I thought is that all? Come on I could take even more if I was given it! And luckily nothing more did happen and after Daryl and Kyle sang  the National Anthem we were off and running. 

I was really nervous about this run because I’ve only ran maybe two times before the race and in those 2 times there was no way I would make 3 miles without walking. But with all the signs that tonight was going to be different was there and I just knew that I was going to be under 30 minutes. 

And guess how I did? Did I beat my goal of 30 minutes? Nope. I guess so much for signs huh? 

But check out the shirt sponsors, especially the 12th one! 


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