It’s raining!

Yesterday was another one of those crazy windy days so we were glad that we were able to haul our new mattress home for the 60 miles from the store and not have it blown off. We had it strapped down pretty good and it stayed put until we were about a half of a mile from our farm and then started to lift up a bit.

And guess what? We bought the mattress in good time because today there was some storms that ended up blowing through and dumping about an inch of rain on the area. And to make it even better we didn’t even get a storm with it! Yup, it was a good day.

I brought the dogs in early before it started to rain and do you think Kaiser¬†is making himself comfortable? I don’t remember giving him one of our good couch pillows so he must have thought he needed one.

20170612_185848_resized While Reno just lays quietly and doesn’t cause any trouble. I think she just wants us to ¬†forget that she’s there and will be able to stay in the house longer.

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