Not the best idea

I was soooo hungry at work and it was only 7:15 am! So when girl scout cookies showed up on my dest at 7:30  can you say SCORE!

Now I never really crave cookies, but for some reason when I’ve got them in a bag behind my chair at work – well you can just about imagine the outcome. 

So I opened up the bag thinking – that I’ll just have one. OK, maybe I’ll have two. 

And by the time 8:30 rolled around, I almost had the whole dang box gone! 20170301_131528_resized

Finally I found some willpower and put them away only to hear that the guys were cooking today in the lunch room and I was supposed to stop down. 

So guess what I had for dinner? 

Well if you guessed deep fried Frog Legs you are the winner! 20170301_115009_resized

So with peanut butter and chocolate with a couple of frog legs downed for the day, you would think that I shouldn’t have to eat for quite some time right? Well, I figured what good is a couple of cookies in a big box anyway and polished the rest of the girl scout cookies off. 

I so have to go to the store tomorrow and get groceries. 

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